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Product Testimonials

Please find below some testimonials on our products if you have something you would like to share on any of our product range please contact us.

Fuel Set

Marine Engineers Review"the result is smoother running, easier starting, safer operation plus the fact that around 10% less fuel is used"
Marine Engineers Review


Fishing News"the fantastic new fuel treatment"
Fishing News


"We are so impressed with the savings offered by this product Truck Australiathat we have negotiated an exclusive deal for all our readers"
Truck Australia


Truckin' Life"the eighth wonder of the world as far as truck operators are concerned"
Truckin' Life


Big Wheels"It proved to me there are great savings - almost immediately with the additional distance per litre of fuel used"
Big Wheels - Sunday Times


Off Road & 4 Wheel Drive"Typical fleet savings are also enormous; a 10% reduction in the weekly fuel bill can amount to thousands of pounds more than the modest cost of the Fuel Set used to achieve them"
Off Road & 4 Wheel Drive

Corro Dip

Land Rover"Corro Dip rust dissolver should pay for itself very quickly and you'll soon wonder how you ever managed without it"
Landrover Owner International

Further testimonials available, please contact us.