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Water Based Sealing Membrane

Supa Seal A Natural Solution Against the Forces Of Nature

Supa Seal is an all weather sealer and reflective coating that is water based, non toxic and non flammable.

Sealer Chart

Ideal for use on silos, bins and roofs with a ten year guaranteed protection from extreme weather conditions.

Try guaranteed Supa Seal.

Supa Sealâ„¢ from Liquid Engineering.

An all weather sealer and reflective coating that is guaranteed for 10 years* against extreme weather conditions.

Easy application through airless spray or brush with a minimum of two coats.

Indefinite Pot Life
Ten Year Guarantee*
No Separate Top Coat Required


SUPA SEAL is water-based and non-toxic. It provides long term exterior durability, excellent water resistance and protection, high water tightness, easy safe and economical clean up, resistance to dirt pickup.

Safe, Non-toxic and Environmentally Responsible.  Protecting safely and economically for up to 10 years *

We Offer A Money Back Guarantee,

* Subject to correct application


Description Water based sealing compound
UN Number None Allocated
Haz Chem Code Not Applicable
DG Class Not Applicable
Appearance White liquid
Odour Slight amonia odour

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