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Long Life Organic Based Coolant

masterflow "Coolant based on the latest technology, to meet conditions now required by major manufacturers."

Master Flow is a long life anti-corrosive coolant and anti-freeze based on carboxylates of organic acids.  It provides excellent protection to metals making up the coolant system.

masteflow chart

Engine protection and cooling performance for up to 480 000 kilometres, 6 000 hours or five years.

Choose a Coolant based on Organic Acids for longer life.

Master Flow meets or exceeds the performance requirements of the following engine coolant specifications:
ASTM D-3306/D-4340/D-4985
AS/NZS 2108, 1:1997 Type A
Caterpillar EC1 (Sections 2.3-4.5)
Cummins Bulletin # 3666132
Detroit Diesel Bulletin # 7SE298
MAN324 TUC 1637/77
MTU (EVU1 1827/MTU 5048) & NA
SAE J1034/J1941
TMC RP 329

Contains powerful anti-freeze and anti-boil properties.

Is your engine suffering from hot spots reduced heat transfer, radiator core blockages  and abrasion of water pump seals?

Try our guaranteed treatment.

Master Flow™ from Liquid Engineering.

Master Flow is a long life organic based coolant and anti freeze.

Does not contain silicates, phosphates,
borates, amines or nitrates.
Long Life Formula


Master Flow is a long-life, concentrated organic acid/glycol based treatment for automotive cooling systems. The formulation contains a blend of additives known to reduce the corrosion of engine metals.

It exceeds International Standards when assessed in hard water.  Master Flow is based on Organic Acid Technology and does not contain silicates, phosphates, borates, amines or nitrates.  This provides enhanced longer lasting protection over conventional products.

A Natural Combination Guaranteeing Smooth Operation

Master Flow protects the metals making up the cooling system from corrosion, radiator core blockages, abrasion of water pump seals and prevention of hot spots.  Master Flow has a range of benefits:

  • Does not require Supplemental Coolant Additive
  • Is ecologically safe
  • Is fully aluminium compatible
  • Superior high temperature corrosion protection
  • Superior localised corrosion protection
  • Low depletion rates on corrosion inhibitors
  • Lower pH and reserve alkalinity
  • Meets or exceeds most modern engine manufacturers specifications

We Offer A Money Back Guarantee,

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Questions & Answers on Master Flow
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We will be more than happy to answer any queries you have about Master Flow